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Hand made kinky leather bdsm impact toys made from high quality English leather.

Hand braided leather whips and quirts that are as good as they look.Rattan Punishment canes,Floggers and classic Cat-o-Nine tails including Multi tailed thrashing whips of various designs. 


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Leather Spanking Paddles
A Leather spanking paddle is one of the most useful implements for punishment and instant discipline in any strict BDSM scenario favoured for many years by Masters and Dominatrix’s world wide. The  leather paddle must be the first choice for any serious disciplinarian,and can be used on either sex as a prime punishment tool. ... read more
How to Use a cane for Discipline
Punishment Canes Head Masters and Head Mistresses Cane Set The cane is the classic implement of school room discipline and possibly the most feared. I just love to hear the "swish" my cane makes, as it slices through the air on its journey to the recipients bare bottom. The effect is instant, a long red mark appears and we are re... read more
Lochgelly Tawse Leather Care
This article will enable you to care and enhance the weight and flexibility of the special leather used to make your Lochgelly style tawse. Strictlylwhips under the guidance and control by Mistress Penny has made a range of affordable leather tawses in the style of the infamous "Lochgelly Tawse". To ensure a long life this tawse should b... read more
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Hello all you fellow BDSM Whip lovers!! I just had to be the first to post something on this great new forum.. ..
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Hi Guys I've just ordered a nice leather tawse from the site and would luv to get involved with some&nb..
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